Obviously we’re biased… but here goes.

As we do events all we see if laughter & smiles. Which is infectious to us. A wedding can be a long day and we think it’s important that there is fun activities there for guests. Photo Booth is top of the list!

How often do you get to take photos in a photo booth really & how often do you get a print out of a photo of your friends? Not often i’ll bet. We take hundreds of selfies that just get backed up onto our phones and never looked at again. But do we ever print photos anymore? bit of a lost art. At Essential Booth we love prints. Having something physical in your hand to keep and cherish is special. To have these prints as memories of your wedding day is a no brainer. It will remind people forever of one of the best nights they’ve ever had.

It’s a good ice breaker. Not everyone knows everyone at a wedding, so after the introductions and a few drinks later you can be best friends with some people. This is perfect time for a photo together with a horse mask on right?! Search you inner child to know that this is right. We’ve seen some people return to the booth 10 times in one night. Which is a record. Will you break it?

Essential Booth